Biogas, Biomethane & Anaerobic Digestion

Take your pick from upgrading your existing plant to installing infrastructure from new. Combined digestion and gas storage, gas holders, digestate storage, feedstock pre-treatment, substrate treatment, boost biogas production

Wiefferink: Flexfermenter

The Flexfermenter double membraned combined biogas digester and gas store

Combining the best features of the Wiefferink Air Blown Cover and the Wiefferink Combibag to create a second generation low capital cost high quality primary or secondary anaerobic digester to make return on investment and payback periods more attractive in the world where RHI and Feed In Tariffs are at a non sustaining low for traditional biogas plants.

Floating Covers reduce ammonia emissions by 60%: Slurry Store, Slurry Lagoon, Manure Silo & Biogas Plant Digestate Lagoon

TenCate and Wiefferink manure and slurry and digestate covers improve slurry as a fertiliser and reduce ammonia emissions from the AD, dairy and pork farming sectors, covers are a great way way to reduce ammonia emissions by approx 60% and conserve ammonium which will increase the efficiency and reduce fossil fertiliser costs of your farm.

Do more with less, don't let your nutrient resources and slurry storage space be taken up with rainwater that's not earning its keep.

Choice of 2 covers depending on your needs:


Wiefferink: Ecobag reduce ammonia emissions by up to 100%

The Ecobag reduces ammonia emissions and holds them in the slurry as ammonium, which is readily available for uptake by plants. Ammonia is agriculture and farming's most harmful and proliferant air pollutant, it makes up 88% of the UK's total ammonia emmisions. The Ecobag is THE environmentally friendly storage system for manure, biogas digestate and other liquid waste flows.