Wooden Silo

Wooden silos, visually appealing and ascetically tasteful. Please get in contact for a quotation and further details.

Wiefferink: Flexitank WRAS Approved Pillow Tank

WRAS APPROVED PILLOW TANK - Flexible liquid storage or 'pillow' tanks. The Flexitank is designed to store liquids: from clean water (WRAS approved version) and fuels to wastewater, fire extinguishing water and liquid buffers for industrial use. It is a unique product that make safe, durable storage of water and liquids possible in any location.

Wiefferink: Self Supporting Silo Cover reduce ammonia emissions by approx 80%

The Silocover reduces ammonia emissions by approx 80% and holds them in the slurry / digestate as ammonium, which is a readily available form of nitrogen for uptake by plants. Ammonia is agriculture and farming's most harmful and proliferant air pollutant, it makes up 88% of the UK's total ammonia emmisions. The silocover is a self supporting above ground store cover that reduces air pollution.

Covering improves manure as a fertiliser and reduces ammonia emissions from slurries created by pig, beef and dairy farming sector.