Sustainable Agriculture, Farming & Industry

Wiefferink: Ecobag reduce ammonia emissions by up to 100%

The Ecobag reduces ammonia emissions and holds them in the slurry as ammonium, which is readily available for uptake by plants. Ammonia is agriculture and farming's most harmful and proliferant air pollutant, it makes up 88% of the UK's total ammonia emmisions. The Ecobag is THE environmentally friendly storage system for manure, biogas digestate and other liquid waste flows.

Wiefferink: Combibag use to increase digestion capacity and/or digestate endstore, reduce ammonia emissions and capture the tails of gas lost from your lagoon

Environmentally friendly flexible digester, a single skinned combined biogas substrate and gas capture storage system, which can also be used as a manure and digestate endstore for ammonia and methane capture.

The Combibag is a flexible storage for 1,000m3 to 7,500m3 of substrate, manure and digestate, which captures the gases released during the digestion processes.

They can be installed as a primary or secondary anaerobic digester, of even as a tertiary covered digestate lagoon to capture those last tails of gas production.

CaviMax: hydrodynamic cavitation technology

Hydrodynamic cavitation technology for the circular economy, this is a disruptive, innovative, fluid dynamic spinning rotor-stator reactor, the go-to machine for process intensification.

This machine can decarbonise the UK comercial and manufacturing industry across the board, just by tweeking a few pre and post reactor engineering bolt-ons, depending on what your process is, we pretty much guarentee we can upscale whatever it is you are doing. What we love about the CaviMax is it's simplicity, elegance and the fact that it works....very well.