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Dorset Biosolutions Ltd are the exclusive sales and distribution agents for the BiomiTech BioUrban range in the UK and Republic of Ireland.


The increasing rate of environmental pollution in relation to the number of diseases related to it, has generated different types of global trends and public initiatives, which promote the development of practices and technologies that minimize the impact in different levels of society from air pollutants.


Given the environmental problems and through a rigorous market study, we detected a business opportunity, between the relationship that exists with the increase of various emissions released to the environment based on the development of sustainable solutions, based on a Circular Economy principle.


That is why the BiomiTech technological innovation team, in collaboration with various companies and research centers, designed, patented and developed the BioUrban range. A biofiltration system for sequestering atmospheric pollutants based on microalgae, focused on improving air quality.
The added bonus of the BiomiTech BioUrban 2.0 'micro algaetree' system is the filtration waste is not a waste stream but a feedstock for another process, there is energy in the microalgae biomass which can be utilised with a little knowhow, this is called a circular economy.
The microalgae biomass can be used as biofuel at the end of its sequestering lifecycle, which is every 3-6 months depending on the unit and the ambient pollution levels. We refresh the microalgae during regular servicing intervals and remove the saturated biomass to either biogas plants or biorefineries for processing into 3rd generation biofuels (biofuel derived from microalgae).


Please visit the BiomiTech website for full details of the BioUrban range of products for the Smart Cityscape, click on the picture below...or visit the Dorset biosolutions products page for more information and photos of the units, the UK BiomiTech website is coming soon.


Please contact Dorset biosolutions directly for further information regarding sales and installations and early adopter partnering, Emma Greenwood (07912) 210369

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